What to do if there is no time for repair: services of handyman

Apartment renovation is associated with a “natural disaster”: ruin, “mountains” of rubbish, nerves, financial investment, a lot of wasted time, misunderstandings, disagreements and quarrels. But even such a rather difficult and hard work can bring joy and satisfaction. You just need to be ready for some work, morally tuned and follow a strict order of action, that you will have to prepare first. There is also another option, you always can hire professional handyman nyc that will be able to do everything for you.

How to start repairs in the apartment is a frequently asked question of people who themselves are trying to transform their homes, breathe new life into it.

After all, when you ask for help from the masters of repairs, this question disappears automatically. We would like to emphasize one important detail: if you decide to shift the burden of repair to specialists, it is better to choose a small team with two or three people who will do all the work comprehensively. Why? The answer is simple – it will take much less time, with high quality of work, it is also possible to get additional discounts, plus the entire post-repair service. Repair is often associated with the hassle, problems and costs of finance and time. Therefore, turnkey projects are of particular popularity, allowing you to fully entrust the repair process to professionals.

Nobody wants to bother himself with the choice of the team, materials, spend time on trips to the supermarkets, solve any problems that arise during the phone and constantly monitor the repair process. In order to minimize the involvement of the owner in the repair of the apartment, and thus make his life easier, many companies offer turnkey repairs and turnkey design projects. Such repair begins with the departure of the measurer and designer to the house. Experts will take measurements, make a draft of alteration of housing, a preliminary estimate and enter into an agreement. In this case, a full calculation of the cost of materials will be made, taking into account the exchange rate and the level of prices in the market at the date of the contract. After that, the owner’s participation in the repair process is not required at all, because the repair team will do everything needed. So, let’s see what are the pros and cons of turnkey projects.


The first advantage, as mentioned earlier, is the minimum participation of the owner in the repair process. This eliminates unnecessary hassle and saves valuable time. The second plus is that the owner hands over the apartment into the hands of real professionals, and more importantly, a cohesive team. In such a team, people work together for years and easily understand each other, work quickly and efficiently. Professionals will not only be able to choose the best materials, but also do their job well.

The third plus is speed. When a team of workers begins to carry out repairs, in their own interests, to cope with it efficiently and quickly. If during normal repairs, you call an electrician first, then a tiler, then you glue the wallpaper yourself – repairs may be delayed for an indefinite period. A cohesive team works in parallel, and each specialist is engaged in what is part of his duties. The fourth plus is the development of a design project of housing, where you can clearly see the final result and make adjustments in order to create an interior that will suit the client’s wishes.


The first disadvantage is that living in an apartment where the repair is “turnkey” for the owner will be difficult. The team starts work very early, and ends late at night, which creates discomfort for the owner and his family. That is why such projects are carried out most often in the absence of the owner. The second disadvantage is the higher cost, which includes the work of the team and designer services.