Remeza Piston Compressors

The company Remeza hails from Rogachev, the Gomel region, the Republic of Belarus. The history of the brand began in 1989. From the very first days of its existence, the company chose to achieve the level of a reputable manufacturer of reliable budget equipment adapted to domestic realities, whose main task will be to offer optimal opportunities for the production of compressed air.

The company long and hard designed its receivers, compressors, and only 9 years later, in 1998, released the first compressor, assembled from the best parts of foreign manufacturers at that time.

The first partner of Belarusians was an Italian company. All the components of the Remeza screw compressor set were designed for the most difficult operating conditions and, in practice, to prove the efficiency and operability of the manufactured equipment, Remeza relied on high-quality European components. This step turned out to be correct and far-sighted: due to the fact that the final assembly of compressor equipment is carried out at the Belarusian plant, the cost of the final product is significantly lower than the cost of European analogues.

The company’s designers take seriously the issues related to providing quick access to any component of the compressor installation, ease of maintenance and repair, therefore the efficiency of Remeza compressors includes not only economic, but also temporary components. The affordable prices and high European quality help Remeza compressors to consistently represent the category “Best Offer” on the market of compressor equipment purchased by most industrial enterprises. You can learn more about the company here

In addition, the company offers excellent warranty and after-sales service for its products, which is why today Remeza is one of the leading compressor manufacturers in Europe, the CIS and Asia. Remeza compressors are reliable, quite durable, absolutely insensitive to power surges, convenient to operate and optimally protected from equipment overloads.

Piston compressor – features

The most common piston compressor on the market is a simple tron ​​piston, one or two stages, with an in-line or V-shaped arrangement of cylinders. The piston compressor has a capacity of 2 m3 / min. Due to its small capacities and very affordable prices, a reciprocating compressor has become the most popular among compressors. The piston compressor is executed with oil-filled crankcase and oil-free. The need for frequent maintenance and repair is the main disadvantage of a reciprocating compressor.

Piston Compressor – Overview

A piston compressor with a capacity of 5 m3 / min or more must be installed on a foundation in a separate room. This is due to the high level of noise and vibration. In addition, for further purification and cooling of the air, additional compressor devices are required, taking up a lot of space. The piston compressor does not have a capacity control system. A wide selection of piston compressors is here

A piston compressor is indispensable for pressures above 20-30 atmospheres and is still widely used. Only special turbochargers can compete with a reciprocating compressor, which are effective in case of high demand for compressed air. When a capacity of less than 200 l / min is required, a reciprocating compressor is much more efficient and much cheaper to manufacture than a compressor of other compression technologies. No exception and the line of piston compressors Remeza SB4. They belong to the stationary type, respectively, are the cheapest. On the other hand, in the lineup there are models with a capacity of up to 1000 liters, which allows you to satisfy absolutely any need.

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