Distinctive features of internet marketing for farmers

The usual methods of Internet marketing in the agrarian sphere work in a peculiar way, but they nevertheless work. This means that the company must have a website, pages in social networks and other Internet interaction systems. Only long-term and short-term goals of their creation and maintenance will be different. Consider the features of the usual channels of Internet promotion in the agricultural sector.

The website of the company

First of all, it is necessary for the consumer to know that the enterprise exists at all, provides the desired services and stands out among others. Secondarily, to provide detailed information about the products sold, live use examples, photos, drawings, tables, etc. You should also pay some attention to farm website design.

Ideally, the client should receive an exhaustive list of information that is submitted in the simplest and most digestible form. The strategic goal is to get customer contacts, and not to sell (managers will take care of this). The intermediate goal is to present the company’s products profitably, provide answers to significant questions, develop the company’s image with expert content, design and support services. The best choice is to use some services that can provide software development for agriculture.

It is impossible to attract consumers to the site without SEO promotion. It requires an analysis of competitors and the introduction of materials on consumer-specific search queries. It is important to implement both commercial and information requests. Information requests are much more, and with the help of expert informational content, you can increase the prestige of the enterprise, and even more strengthen positions in search results.

Social networks

Our practice shows that the tractor and agricultural machinery are well advanced through Instagram. Manufacturers have long invested a lot of money in the design of their cars, so they are pleasing to the eye of the farmers not less than sports cars. Naturally, about any sales from social networks can be no question. However, at such sites one can conduct a lively dialogue with the consumer in a more informal way, work with objections, entertain him with content and not let him forget about himself.

Facebook shows itself best in different countries, where short retellings of informational articles from the site and new products are posted. Users are happy to go to the site if the material seemed interesting to them. Instagram perfectly shows the products in action, their bright photos or the results of their use. Also gaining popularity Telegram and Youtube with all the same short news digests.

Email. Mailing lists show good efficiency, and allow you to send useful materials and electronic versions of catalogs and magazines to the customer base. Obsessive offer to buy something does not work. It will rather alienate subscribers. This tool is more likely another way to increase the loyalty of existing customers and control the company’s reputation.

Contextual and targeted advertising. The effectiveness of contextual advertising is so high that all the accents from traditional methods gradually flow precisely into pinpoint strikes on Central Asia. Even the high price of the service does not scare.

Retargeting for products with such a long time to make a purchase decision works just fine. Once a week, managers have to remind about themselves, inform social networks about news, and context and retargeting catches up with the consumer on almost all sites that he visits. There is no chance that he will forget about the company or the desired product.

Video content. To provide a strong and expert informational material, it is necessary to disclose the topic in detail. As you can see from this article, in text format this stretches into a very long epic, which requires complete concentration. In a video format, such a text could be laid in just a few minutes, while clearly illustrating every nuance.