DG’s Message

W.O. Siyanbola (PhD, Sussex), FMSN, FSESN

It is obviously clear that knowledge is the currency of the 21st Century. Knowledge, not abundant natural resources drives sustainable growth and development. Such knowledge, however, must be firmly rooted in science and technology because they propel remarkable developments.

The National Centre for Technology Management (NACETEM) is an Agency saddled with the responsibility of training middle-to-high level manpower in the areas of science, technology and innovation management. It is the agency’s conviction that since capabilities in science and technology may not be sufficient, the ability to effectively manage these capabilities is demonstrably more important and has to be learned. For this reason, we have consciously engaged in policy research in science, technology and innovation management considered to be highly desirable for the provision of the much needed empirical data for policy formulation and removal of guesswork from governance.

We have thus made our website interactive in order to make it a veritable platform for our teeming public to learn about how critical science and technology is to sustainable development. I therefore enjoin you to painstakingly peruse all the sections of our site and avail yourself of first hand information of the NACETEM’s activities.