DevOps vs Agile

Software development evolves and as a result, new approaches and methodologies arise in this area. All of them intend to ease the development process and make it more efficient. There are two of the most popular methodologies we will talk about – DevOps and Agile. At first sight, Agile and DevOps look similar. Both are making the process of software development more flexible and efficient. Are they alike and can we compare them at all?

We will define each approach and try to understand what is better to use: DevOps services or Agile methodology.


This is the methodology of software development focused on communication and collaboration between project teams. DevOps includes the Development team and the Operations team and their approaches in project creating. The main objective of DevOps is timely and continuous product delivery to customers and end-users. DevOps methodology includes development and IT operation approaches. DevOps services provide:

  • continuous integration, delivery, and monitoring of software;
  • communication and collaboration between multidisciplinary teams;
  • infrastructure as a code.


This is a flexible methodology of project management oriented on continual changes during the project lifecycle. The Agile methodology is based on “Agile Manifesto”. There are 12 principles in the manifest, let’s have a look on a few o them:

  • customer satisfaction is the highest priority;
  • face-to-face communication is the most efficient way to convey information;
  • working software is a main indicator of progress;
  • continuous attention to technical improvement increases project flexibility;
  • simplicity as minimization of excess work is very necessary;
  • the working product should be delivered as often as possible.

The Agile methodology could be realized through different ways like Scrum, Kanban, Sсrumban, and others.

Difference between Agile and DevOps

  1. The Agile purpose is to help manage a complex project, DevOps manages end-to-end engineering processes.
  2. DevOps focuses on continuous delivery and testing, Agile focuses on continuous changes.
  3. Agile could be performed with different instruments like Scrum and others. DevOps focuses on collaboration and doesn’t need special instruments for implementation but can use them too.
  4. Agile need small teams because a smaller team is more efficient. DevOps can have relatively big teams.
  5. DevOps targets are fast delivery and end-to-end business solutions, while the Agile target is software development.
  6. Automatization is the basis for DevOps, while for Agile it is not necessary.
  7. The Agile team doesn’t pay attention to software after release when DevOps teams care about deployment.

Conclusion: Agile vs DevOps – who wins?

You should understand that DevOps doesn’t exclude an Agile philosophy and they can work together. Agile is a software development method focused on development without further support and DevOps focused on continuous delivery, testing and development with further deployment. As you see, these concepts do not contradict each other and you can use them together. So, these methodologies rather complete each other than compete.