Crossfit and steroids

Crossfit originated as an offshoot of bodybuilding, but at the same time is its exact opposite. It may sound corny, but in fact there are many similarities between crossfitters and bodybuilders. This includes the sports pharmacology they use – the entire variation of anabolics, fat burners, stimulants and other performance-enhancing drugs. In Crossfit illegal drugs are found no less often than in bodybuilding. Almost every second here has experimented with “chemicals” or plans to take something. If you also want to try specialized drugs of this type, use Ace-031 1 mg and other proven drugs.

Fair play?

In physical sports, there is no level playing field. Some athletes and teams are a priori superior to others, from genetics to training or conditions. If your great-grandfather 200 years ago lived by working on a plantation day and night, you will probably be superior in genetics to your opponents. Different physical predispositions completely rule out the possibility of a level playing field. Also, hardly anyone would deny that athletes from first-world countries have a much better chance of launching a career and succeeding as a professional. We can strive for conditional equality, but it’s unlikely we’ll ever achieve it.

Doping for recovery

Sports pharmacology remains one of the key factors why a level playing field cannot exist for different athletes. And crossfit is a telling sport in this regard. All because almost any steroid has a significant effect on the body’s endurance/recovery rate. Does recovery rate affect performance? There is no doubt that it does. Contrary to what the crossfitters themselves say, in their sport the use of steroids probably provides the greatest advantage (even when compared to classic bodybuilding). The reason is enough to encourage athletes to use doping.

Bodybuilders, for the most part, have nothing against sports pharmacology. They may disapprove, but they are unlikely to deny the very use of such drugs. With crossfitters it is the opposite. In addition to the recuperative effects of sports pharmacology, anyone who knows anything about steroids in crossfit will confirm to you that the anti-doping program here is bad. Add to that the self-proclaimed elitism of the “crossfit fanatics” and you get a complete denial of the existence of doping in their vaunted discipline. 

It’s not that there aren’t adequate crossfitters. They exist and there are many of them. The presence of mind allows them to analyze the situation, realizing that illegal drugs have penetrated into CrossFit, as well as in bodybuilding. They are just barely audible, compared to the roosters screaming on social media. If you want to experience proven medications, it makes sense to use proven sources to purchase them. For example, you can buy Atacand 8 mg and experience its effectiveness in person. But before doing so, it is very important to consult with a specialist about the course of the drug and its safe dosages.